1. I think I found my next watch. 

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  3. Mornings with Jesus | Urgency from Church Fuel on Vimeo.

    Sometimes it can feel like the world around us is falling apart and we must intervene with our own set of plans. But with all of these “grand schemes, plots, and battle strategies” to save humanity, are we potentially missing the obvious problems in front of us? From the producers of the hilarious, best-selling series, “Coffee with Jesus” comes a new adventure.

    If you are interested in purchasing this video or any other Church Fuel content, please visit: worshiphousemedia.com/producers/66/Church-Fuel

    Evan/Evan Koons
    Jesus/Kyle Campbell
    Little Girl/Nari Smith
    Evan’s Daughter/Jori Koons

    Writer/Evan Koons
    Director/Colorist/Jason Grinde
    Producer/Editor/Jon Melton
    DP/Tyler Grimm
    Gaffer/Jeff Horbachewski
    Production Designer/Trisha Gaw
    Associate Producer/Lajanae Smith
    Boom Op/Final Sound Mixing/Steve Soles
    Music/Kyle Campbell
    Assistant Camera/Tyler Hollman
    Grip & Electric/Reid Petro
    Grip & Electric/Mark Breedlove
    Art Director/Abigail Beasley
    Set Dresser/Laura Montoya
    Production Assistant/2nd Assistant Camera/Ien Chi

    Property of Church Fuel, LLC, All rights reserved, Copyright 2014

  4. I Walk the Line from James Kessel Jr on Vimeo.

    I got to spend the evening with a joyful polka-playing friend. I am amazed and inspired by his ability, dedication, and joy, all at 83 years on this earth. Incredible.

  5. The Smith’s Go To India from James Kessel Jr on Vimeo.

    Support this awesome family as they set out to live and serve in India!
    Visit gofundme.com/d0lomw to easily support them financially, and check out underthebanyantree.org for more updates on what they’re up to. Contact them with any questions at underthebanyan1@gmail.com !

  6. ELIXIR from Leo Zuckerman on Vimeo.

    More than a few late nights and weekends ago, Nick and I set out to make this little film. As an intermittent project, it had it’s challenges, but Nick’s an inspiring dude, and we’ve done our best to represent his story through this short vignette. Enjoy.

    Facebook: facebook.com/leozuckermanmedia
    Instagram: instagram.com/leozuck instagram.com/nickgeddes


    Nick Geddes
    Bill Geddes
    Lisa Geddes


    Jonah Zuckerman
    Tom McCarthy
    Tristan Merrick
    Kieran Collery
    Matt Dennison
    Pasha Eshghi
    Nathan Starzynski
    Tim Saylor
    Florina Beglinger
    Patrick Skinner
    Chris Borchert
    Geoff Lister
    Mike Crowe
    Chris McLeod


    Rinzler - Daft Punk
    Imagine The Fire - Hans Zimmer
    The End - Hans Zimmer
    The Way - Zack Hemsey
    What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World - Hans Zimmer


  7. "

    Coming out of hiding and naming what is true in yourself and the world around you might break you.

    The difference between the kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God is this: In the Kingdom of God brokenness isn’t the last word. It’s the first word, followed thereafter by words like resurrection, transformation, and new creation.

  8. Django Django - WOR from Jim Demuth on Vimeo.

    Mercury music prize nominees Django Django became obsessed by the infamous Indian Well of Death riders in Allahabad. So, naturally, they asked Noisey if we’d be up for travelling over to India and standing right in the middle of large lumps of precariously speeding metal for a day, to film a video for their track “Wor”. We happily obliged, getting our shoes stolen in the process, but it was worth it to meet a bunch of guys with the most rock solid testicles we’ve ever come across.

    Buy the Album: smarturl.it/DjangoDjango

    Django Django - “Wor”
    (p) and (c) 2012 Because Music
    Directed by Jim Demuth, based on an original concept by Vincent Neff.

    Exec Producer Jane Third
    Supervising Producer Alex Hoffman
    Producer Posy Dixon
    Director Jim Demuth
    Editor Iain Pettifer
    Associate Producer Ruchi Bhimani
    Colourist Chris Rodgers (Splice Post Production)
    Production Manager Bree Horn
    Production Coordinator Zoey Roberts


    Selected for Mountain Film Festival - mountainfilm.org/film/django-django-wor





  10. Wake up in the morning
    Check your revelation
    Making sure you know it
    As well as you can
    Then sell it to yourself man
    'Cause it won't make a difference

    If everyone believes it
    But you don’t believe it
    Just level with yourself
    Level with yourself
    Level with yourself

    And be at peace with thee
    We’re making a list of all
    The negative side effects
    That come with the shit you let
    Yourself get away with, oh your God

    We’re building a wall between
    The kids and the gasoline
    Of editorial and advertising
    Riches I heed not
    Nor man’s empty praise
    Means fuck the gatekeeper
    'Cause I'm fine outside the gate

    I wanna level with myself
    I wanna level with my friends
    I wanna level with my kin
    And be at peace with them
    I’m making a list of all

    The negative side effects
    That come with the shit I let
    Myself get away with, oh my God

    I’m building a wall between
    The kids and the gasoline
    Of editorial and advertising

    _ ‘Level With Yourself’ - David Bazan